Backup & Recovery Planning

With our Back and Recovery Services we can have you back up quickly and have options to recover into an offsite server so employees can be backup working remotely if the office is inaccessible for a long period of time.

We offer Backup up Recovery Planning to help identify critical data and applications, and create a plan to protect those applications and data. The critical business decisions, recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) are a key part of this planning. To determine the (RTO) how long your company can afford to be down is a business calculation as the quicker recovery can be expensive, but to be without a critical server can cost a company customers and revenue. The other consideration is (RPO) how long between backups is acceptable; the longer time between backups the greater risk of lost data. For example, if you backup once a day and the failure happens at the end of the day before the backup is run, you could potentially loose a whole days work of work, depending on busy and how much data the staff has put into the server to loose a whole day could be a significant expense.

Offsite Backup

Cloud Backup & File Sync

We even can offer backup of Cloud data, as some viruses are targeting Azure One Drive and Google Drive and other shared folders, being the cloud doesn’t mean the data is safe from attack.

We also provide File Sync & Share Services to allow for large file transfers, remote syncing to shared folders for staff such as sales people out in the field. Instead of emailing everyone updates, a folder could be updated centrally with each sales person getting the files they need as soon as they are updated. Whatever your need or business pressure point, we have the tools to keep your office connected.