Server Upgrades & Migrations

Old servers are a risk and a major source of downtime and potential avenue of attack. If the server your most critical data is on Windows 2003 server or older its time to upgrade. And Windows 2008 server end-of-life is coming in 2020.

We can help migrate the servers and data to new server version and new hardware. We can help make the changes with minimal down time to your organization. Our overall success in taking legacy servers, converting them to virtual systems running faster and cheaper new hardware has been a great benefit to our clients. A virtual server adds the benefit of recovering the entire server to dissimilar hardware or offsite, which was impossible with backup tapes and legacy backup software.

Save time and money and increase reliability with a new server! Ask us for a quote!

Old network hardware can be a potential point of failure or reducing the speed of your office applications. If your office is running on "Fast Ethernet" switches, we can increase the speed of the network 10 fold with a simple upgrade.

Firewall & Network Monitoring

The first line of defense for any office network is its firewall and email system. If your company is using a router bought at a retail store your network is at risk! We provide state of the art Next Gen firewalls that are best in class for secure network connections to the Internet and remote access to the network via VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) for salespeople and remote employees.

Emails are now one of the leading sources of network breaches and attacks. Through social engineering and fake emails and links the threats are getting more sophisticated. We use proven an email spam and virus filter system that allows critical information through while blocking junk that will clutter your inbox. We can provide training and test phishing attacks to increase your employees awareness and improve your security by minimizing the risk of one bad email crippling your office.

Troubleshooting & Proactive Support

Our support strategy is to prevent problems and be proactive. We provide ongoing network and PC and server monitoring. Antivirus that is kept up to date and scans are run on schedule and when threats strike. Critical updates are installed regularly to stay ahead of viruses and attack using known vulnerabilities. We provide Next Gen Firewalls that block attacks and viruses and allows us to monitor user activity for threats and loss of productivity.

Problems such as power outages and hardware failures can happen at any time so to be proactive and stable we recommend making sure all critical network equipment is under manufacture warranty to help recovery from hardware failures and all servers and network equipment are on Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to keep the network on even if the power goes out. The final but most critical piece is to have reliable and secure backups of critical systems and data, stored locally and offsite incase a problem happens, backups are your insurance policy to keep your business running.

These proactive steps today can prevent major outages tomorrow, check out our Managed Services for ongoing support and security monitoring.