Add Spam & Virus Protection

Protect your email with Spam and virus protection while using any email platform including Gmail or Office 365. Spam protection though mail security that stops incoming email virus, spoofing threats including malware attachments, phishing, ransomware, and spam.

Automatic Email Archiving to comply with legal email retention laws is also available as well as email fail-over in case your email provider becomes unavailable.

Add this critical layer to your network security.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service can mean many things to many different people, with our offering we provide a layered security approach.

What this means is we monitor and scan emails before they get to your office, a firewall to monitor all Internet traffic, (incoming and outgoing) and provide secure remote access via a encrypted network connection also called a VPN.

For the internal network we provide patch management for 40+ Microsoft and 80+ third-party application families, which helps close known exploits in those programs (including in Office 365).

Web protection that safeguards users from visiting malicious websites.

Managed antivirus that gives you rock solid malware protection and failed login checks and rules to keep hackers from brute forcing their way into your systems.

Backup Continuity Planning

We have been very successful in taking legacy servers, converting them to virtual systems running faster and cheaper on less hardware and with the added benefit of recovering the entire server to dissimilar hardware or offsite, which was impossible with backup tapes and legacy backup software.

Over 168,000 companies — 50,000 in the last 12 months — have ditched their legacy backup software for something fundamentally different.

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